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pagan parenting

Raising a Gothic child

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Being pagan, one is bound to run into others with misconceptions about you. Same with if you dress differently then the norm. A child raised without these steryotypes will be able to accept others more easily and see what is most important in each other.
There is many ideas for encouraging creativity on my various pages. This page is particularly deidcated to the "darker" or more "unusual" side of things. For more craft or art ideas to involve your children in see the "Play and Learn Ideas" page. Also see 'resources' for more options and information.
*The aim of most goth parents is to raise someone who isn't afraid to be themselves. A person who is expressive and creative in the arts. Someone open and understanding of differences. Someone who is educated, not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and to express themselves freely. Someone who is responsible and can hold their own and enjoys culture. Children primarly learn from example and remember that every action will end with a result. For this reason The tips on this page are geared for ageless gothics who are dedicated to their children.*
Here is a pretty decent question/answer article with other gothic parents.
I think many of the points made here are valid and realisitc of responsible parents and it is nice to relate too.
Diffrences in Attitude.

Many goths tend also to be introverts. Studies of different cultures is showing this may be genetic and your child may also be introverted. Being an introvert is NOT the same thing as being shy! Being shy is afraid of public situations, being introverted is being easily over stimulated by large events and groups.

"The introvert's main focus is within his/her head, in the internal world of ideas and concepts; the extrovert's primary focus is on the external world of people and activities. Introverts get their energy from themselves and are drained by people; extroverts get their energy from other people and are drained by being alone."

Scientific research into the brains of introverts and extroverts has revealed some key differences in the way they are wired. These differences have even been spotted in babies. Introverts have more blood flow to their brain and more blood flow indicates greater stimulation. Anytime blood flows to a particular part of your body, after a cut finger for instance, the area becomes more sensitive. This is why introverts get overwhelmed easily by very stimulating activities.
Introverts blood also flows to different parts of their brain particularly those associated with remembering, internal thoughts and planning. Not only does introverts and extroverts blood travel on separate pathways, each pathway requires a different neurotransmitter.
While extroverts mostly use their short-term memory and the parts of the brain that deal with sensory impressions, introverts mainly use their long-term memory and the parts of the brain that deal with solving problems, planning, and internal thoughts and feelings. The two brain pathways require different neurotransmitters. The pathway that extroverts use is activated by dopamine, which is identified with alertness, attention, movement, and learning. Extroverts require lots of dopamine to be happy, and activity and excitement increase dopamine production, so extroverts enjoy being busy and public outtings. Introverts, on the other hand, use a brain pathway that is activated by acetylcholine, which affects long-term memory, the ability to stay calm and alert, and perceptual learning. It is the chemical that switches on the deep REM sleep and initiates dreams. It helps the brain recover from exertion and the utilisation of our energy stores.
Acetylcholine produces a happy feeling during thinking and feeling, so introverts enjoy contemplation and studying.

This is why an extrovert will be energized from a social activity but an introvert will feel drained, as well as why an introvert will feel energized after a long period of focued work were an extrovert would feel drained.

Young infants who have these differneces may be seen as easily over stimulated, enjoying quiet and dim lights, and may seem to be a high needs child.

If you are intorverted or a parent of an introvert there are a few things you can do to help your child develop including giving them alone time, helping them speak slowly or waiting for them to organize their thoughts before they speak.
for more information here are some good articles on introversion

Raising an introvert in an exrtovert world

Understanding your introverted child

shopping tip: I always suggest to buy during halloween all you can, and buy in advance for the future. Many great halloween themed items are released during halloween that you wont find any other time. examples are: bibs, booties, rattles, pacifiers, baskets, bags, craft projects (color your own haunted play house- great for kids and todllers. or haunted house foam a gingerbread house..only haunted and non-edible) yard decorations, clothing, hats, socks, gloves, dish wear, towels, candle holders, lamps, paper cupcake liners, paper plates and cups (great for picnics) paper towels and napkins, wrought iron items, toothbrushes, little water fountains, banners, halloween nutcrackers, curtains, mirrors, picture frames, shelves, and more. After halloween clearance is great too. last year I bought about 9 shirts, all different sizes (some for now and some as my child grows) for only 50 cents each.
Try buying clearance costumes to add to a dress up box.

Choosing music: Exposing a child to music and the arts can encourage a more sophisticated, intelligent, diverse, and refined person. Choosing the right music is important, be wary however of playing music to loudly and consider what messages the music passes on to your children. 
Often loud music can over stimulates younger children, causing them to be crabby and cry more. Loud music can also damage their ear drums, yes many adults have had their ear drums damaged by loud music from normal house speakers and children and small infants are even more prone to this so If you frequently listen to loud music be cautious and keep music at a normal or soft level when your child is around.
Much classical music is soft, and relaxing, this is one of the many reason classical music is a good choice for children and infants. Though of course not all of it is, some is very powerful. Classical music has many different styles. Many goths frequently enjoy classical music themselves, it teaches history, is ageless, and dramatic. Most classical artists were rebels for their time, highly intelligent, and un-uniform citizens. Classical music is picked for other reasons too, children learn basic rhythms from music; as well as, above many other forms of music, classical music has one of the widest range of insturments used, all playing different parts in unison. Children often listen to and pick apart these harmonies and melodies. Music is wonderful for infants and has also been shown to help improve memory. Studies have shown even newborn infants will quiet down or turn to music they heard in the womb. As well classical music has mathematical undertones and listening can help a child recognise timbre. (a key concept in music). It won't make your child "smarter" but it will help them develop an ear for music, tones, and the complicated underliings that are found in classical music.
Learning to read music for older children teachs math, fractions, and more. So if you would like your child to be interested and understand music of anytype when older, classical music can be an essential tool. If you do not already listen to classical then try starting with some of the many classical artists requiems (songs for the dead) which are great choice, as well as mozart. 
Of course that doesnt mean all other music is off limits, exposing children to different types of music is important. Try world music such as bands like 'dead can dance' or 'mouth music', or try Japanese kabuki music or tribal drums. As children get older trying heavier music from different countries or artists who sing in other languages can help them develop an interest to the music. As well, many goth bands have songs which are primarly slower or soft and incorperate a wide varriety of classical to world instruments. Pick through your CD's and keep a list of your favorite song or complie them onto your own "childrens" CD.


Victorian Halloween (victorian costmes and games compiled from old magazines and articles, love this site)
Old Fashion Halloween a funsite with lots to buy like old photos of kids in costume, postcards, stickers, and the pop-up dracula theater. a place to chat with other parents
Lucky Lil Devil Though some stuff isn't really children geared and they have a wider selection of girls clothes, heres one clothing site
Slash N burn clothing. a few cute kids clothes for girls and boys
Ophelia's art. cute shirts, onezies and bibs
Spooky kidz clothing Custom mades
Posh Tots Furnishings Litteraly some of the most amazing furniture..unfortunatly the prices are such that only a movie star could afford them. However the site is a great place to get ideas with creativity you can do your own variations.



Toy Ideas:
Gothic style toys such a dolls, plushie cats,dogs, teddy bears and more are pretty easy to find now a days. these are a welcome replacment to the pink "its a girl" teddy bears or the GI joe or power ranger action figures. However personally I think one of your old, worn stuffies that you had growing up are just as good to. you know the one you loved so much that is missing most of its hair and one eye! If your child is old enough to paint a little try sewing your own doll and paint it together with your child using fabric paints.
Around Halloween Fisher Price Little People release Limited Edition Halloween themed/dressed people packs. Though they are also on ebay various times throughout the year.
If you cant find anything else dont feel bad about making your own gothic barbie or bratz doll. With the outfits they make now a days its not hard to pick a few different outfits and piece something together (the boots here, the skirt there) or even sew your own clothes.
Jigsaw puzzle can be found with many cool pictures from dragons and faeries to thunderstorms, roses, dark castles and more.
Cheap board games makes some very funny, different games to play (try Devil Bunny Hates The Earth or kill doctor lucky)
I personally really like the darth Tader (darth vader mr. potato head) he is all in black with mask, helmet and cape. :K
Disgusting Science Kits: these are available at most kids toys stores, even target. They are fun leanring kits, in weird gross ways that kinds love, from the heart, to eyeyballs, and more.
Flying bat or flying skull: these are those toys you see evrywhere that are battery controlled and fly circles around the room attached to a thing wire/cord. younger kids love to watch them above their heads
Puppets can be bought in any style you like from cute black cats to dragons and faeries to skeletons and vampires and anything in between. Playing with puppets encorages creatvivity and helps children express feelings, and work through everyday situations.
Uncover:3-D book series. these are books but they are really not like normal books and are activities in of themselves. you open them up to see the inside of each animal, turn the pages to see muscles, bones, ect. the series includes.. Uncover a Tarantula, Uncover a shark, Uncover a T-rex and Uncover the human body by David George Gordon
Pick out an artisitc chess set. One that insipires creativity and shows how art can be used in different forms. Then play the game together to encourage math and thinking skill while spending time together.
Legos and similar building block sets from various companies make great sets for whatever your fancy. Dargons, castles, princeses, unicorns, pirates, dinoasures, space ships, aliens, jungles, trains, ect. the best part of these is they can always be made into someting differenty each time and encourages creativity. Also try the magnetic building sets.
Older children may enjoy model kits which you put together and paint. These can be anything from vintage cars, dinosaurs, anime charecters,  trains, castles and buildings, spaceships, boats, movie charecters, and more.
Ant farms, bug catchers, and bug vacums are great fun for kids to learn to enjoy the little weird thigns that stalk our planet.
Purchase some carniverous plants (such as a venus flytrap) and have fun raising them and feeding them together.
Buy or make your own  Vintage paper dolls. These are becoming a lost toy which I loved growing up. You can get these in many various time periods. Also you or your child can make your own clothing in any style you wish encoraging creative looks and art skills. (some nice ones you can buy at stores include: Flower Fairies Paper Dolls-Cicely Mary Barker, Japanese Kimono Paper Dolls in Full Color-Ming-Ju Sun, Glamorous Movie Stars of the 1950s-Tom Tierney, The american girls collection, Victorian Debutante Paper Doll-Brenda Sneathen Mattox and more.)

Finding Clothing: This can be hard depending on the season and where you live. check the local stores you shop, many are popping up with infant/toddler/childrens clothes, even hot topics has some, while what they have usually features rock/metal bands or pop movies these may have something you like.
Check ebay and online stores, if you dont mind ordering online you can usually find some pretty neat stuff.
October is the best time to find dark clothing but fall/winter in general tend to have darker colors, as well as the boys section. As well try stopping in some of those "Dressy" kids stores, you know the ones with the outfits that look like they are for a wedding, they usually have quite beautiful things, though pricey, some have good sales as well with a varriety of cute dresses, suits, and clothing in vintage styles.
see the websites area for a few online stores.
Aim for something different and stop at a celtic store to buy a pint sized kilt or an asian store to pick up a japanes kimono or robe.
If you are talented and can sew the best of course is to make you own stuff  :)

Crafts: These are activities to try, and crafts to do with your child.  For some the age area is pretty obvious and others are fun for any age.  *See 'Play and learn ideas' for lots of general craft and art ideas. See the websites listed for more game ideas and the toy section for everyday ideas*
infants 3 months and younger have limited vision as their eyes are still adjusting and developing. Much of what they see is blury and they cannot focus to close or to far off. For this reason they love contrasting colors; black, white, and red have been shown to captivate them the best. These colors on a mobil are great for infants. Try making your own out of construction paper or paper board of black bats with big circle white eyes and red triangle fangs or black and white striped cats with big red circle eyes. Hang it from above an area they commonly lay about 4 inches out of their reach (or around 12"-14" away)
Make bat clothes pins. Cut out a rectangle shaped body with 2 pointy ears, a little bigger then a clothes pin, from black consturction paper. Cut out some wings. Glue the body on front of a wooden clothes pin and the wings on the back. Glue on googly craft eyes. These are great decorations, to hang things, or clip up things such as a string on window blinds that are too long.
Try sewing your own doll and paint it together with your child using fabric paints, the more unique and imperfect it looks the better.
Instead of cutting out a string of people, fold the paper and draw a bat, making the folded part of the paper the tips of the wings. Then let the children color them, unfold them all and hang up around the celling.
Fabric paints and glitter glue are fun to let kids decorate their own shirt, backpack, library bag, hat or whatever craft you want to try.
Go for walks at dusk and catch fireflies or later in the night and discuss the colors you see/don't see and how light makes colors.
Or simply go star gazing.
Gardening together is fun, see the "gardening" link for info on night flowers and bat gardens as well as the "bats are cool!" link.
Try picnics at the cemetery. They are much quieter then parks and full of nature that is much more undisturbed then public parks. Let your child do grave rubbings if the cemetery allows.
Make a snake on construction paper by drawing a spiral circle on it that gets smaller and smaller, end with a little oval in the middle. Cut out the circle then alonge the spiral line. draw a face on the oval and put a string in the head. hang it up and it will be twirly.
Make cats out of pipe cleaners. get three black 3-6" cleaners and twist them together. (See image) then color and cut out a little head and glue it on. (for an extra fluffy cat use 2 pipe cleaners for each single or the type that get puffy then thin) Use a small brush like an eyelash brush to fluff it up. Add a string or ribbon and they make great decorations. Also try orange ones with a pumpkin head.
Old (or new) metal bottle caps are fun. they can be sewn on clothing, lamp shades, ect. or they can be made into magnets. glue a picture in the middle and then coat with a clear coat and glue on a blank magnet (avalible at office suply stores) or make spiders by painting bottlecaps black with red eyes then take a pipe cleaner cut into small pieces and glue on as legs.
Make a skeleton with noodles. Glue them on the paper using different types like macaroni. (see image to left) Name major bones like ribs, spinal cord, etc.
Give children some black yarn and a chair and ask them to wrap the yarn around the legs (or back depending on the chair) and make their own spider web. Discuse why spiders make webs.
Playing games in the dark helps them not be afraid of the dark. Try hide and seek, I spy, or use a flashlight and make shadows on the wall.
Buy a bunch of cool stickers and a big black piece of paper board and let them make a sticker collage. As well try buying black paper/construction paper and letting them color with gel pens.
Pumpkin spiders: Take a very small sized pumpkin (2"-3" across) with a stem and paint it black. flip it upside down and paint eyes on it. cut the stem short, but not to short, just short enough so that it will sit pretty flat. Then take 6 or 8 long black pipe cleaners and wrap them around the stem stump as the spiders legs. secure them with glue.
Use white paper to form 5 paper loop chains, and then connect to make a skeleton. Trace children's hands and feet on white paper, cut and glue to the ends of the arms and legs. Cut an oval shape and draw on the face.
Make an Egyptian Book of the Dead: Show Book of the Dead visuals and point out symmetry, color, and balance. Discuse what the book of the dead was about. Like any book, the Book of the Dead had a beginning, middle and end, but this book started when the person died. Have your child choose a charecter and decided what obstacles they must overcome to get to the afterlife. You will need a 'scroll like' paper, a long piece of paper thats not to thick so you can roll it works fine. Then you need to figure out how to divide the space, kind of like drawing a comic strip. Have the first frame showing their character dead or broken or whatever. After that, go ahead and have your child illustrate the rest of their character's journey to the afterlife. Then go ahead and add the text. Then, after it's dry, you can roll it up and tie it so it looks like a scroll. This also turns out really neat (and easy to divide) if you buy a large variety of egyptian style stamps, background/boarder stamps, and other stamps. For older children, if they want a challenge have them write their story using runes.
Teach culture by doing some day of the dead crafts. Celebrated on nov 1st & 2nd it has been a tradition in mexico since before spanish rule. The gist of the fiesta is that families visit and decorate the tombs where their ancestors lay, and offer food, drink, and temporary altars. The spirits of the dead on these dates are able to come back from the beyond to visit. 
   - Visit a relatives graveside or a graveyard with few visitors. Make a small altar on the ground, a rock, a small folding tray, etc. If you cannot make one at the grave decorate one at home in memory. Decorate them with crafts you made, Altars and graves also feature candles to light the way, water for the dead to drink, salt, and a dog statue for the journey. Place petals of the cempaz˙chitl (an orange marigold flower) pointing in the direction from the grave to the house.
   - Make sugar skulls together at home (see recipies page)
   - make paper flowers for decoration. You need a package of multicolored tissue or crepe paper and a package of green pipe cleaners. Take 4 sheets of tissue paper and layer them, cut into 8-inch squares. Keeping the sheets layered, take one set of squares and fold it like an accordion so it looks like a thin rectangle. At the center of the rectangle, cut a small v-shaped notch on both sides (the sides of the middle area.) Take the end of a pipe cleaner and twist it around the notch. With the stem pointing straight down, gently pull up one layer of tissue into the center. Pull up the remaining layers, one by one. Repeat for the other side of the flower. When all the layers are pulled, fluff them in place.
Older children and teenager may enjoy decopage. Simply find a piece of old furniture that is sturdy but needs repainting/refinishing. (yard sales are good for finding these cheap) next go through magazines/newspapers/books and cut out images in a theme (art deco, victorian, cats, owls, etc.) then glue them on the furniture (slightly watered down tacky glue painted on the back works well). Dont be afraid to layer them to cover it all. Coat with decopage waterproof clear gloss coating. This is avalible at most craft stores. Be sure to use it outside on a dry day for good ventilation and to keep your carpet/walls clean.

Finger Games And Rhymes
(see poems link above for more)
1: Two little black crows sitting on a hill, one named jack the other named jill.
 Fly away jack, fly away jill. Come back jack, come back jill.
(this is a finger game. Stick up your index finger and bend them when naming them then hide them 1 at a time behind your back when they fly away and bring them back as their names say)
2: This little monster has a big red nose
This little monster has purple toes.
This little monster plays all night.
This little monster is such a fright.
And this little monster goes:
"I'm not scary, I'm just silly me."
(like this little piggy, tickle at the end)
3: Five little monsters sitting on the floor.
The red one said, "Let's knock on someone's door."
The green one said, "Let's act a little scary."
The white one said, "Why are we so hairy?"
The blue one said, "I hear a funny sound."
The pink one said, "There's no one else around."
Then "WHOOSH" went the wind and "EEK!" someone said.
So five little monsters ran under the bed
4: Twinkle Twinkle little bat, how I wonder what your at.
Up above the world so high, like a tea tray in the sky.
 Twinkle Twinkle little bat, how I wonder what your at.
5: A bat can hang upside down
It holds on with its toes
When it wants to find some food
It spreads its wings and goes
A bat might live inside a cave
And fly around at night 
And when it's dark a bat knows how
to get around all right.
6: ring around the rosies, a pocket full of posies,
ashes, ashes, we all fall down
7: Pumpkin pumpkin
big and round,
I'm glad you grow
upon the ground.
I'm glad you don't
grow in a tree
for then you might
fall down on me
8:There's a wide-eyed owl
(forefingers and thumbs around eyes)
With a pointed nose,
(forefinger and thumb to make a point)
He has pointed ears
(clenched hands, forefingers up for ears)
And claws for toes:
(make hands into claws)
He sits in a tree
And looks at you;
(circles around eyes again)
Then flaps his wings and says,
(hands to chest and flap elbows)
"Tu-whit, tu-whoo!"
(hands cup mouth to hoot)
9: theres an eyeball in the gumball machine
right there between the red and the green
Lookin' at me as if to say
"you don't need anymore gum today"
-Shel Silverstein
10: I met a ghost but he didn't want my head,
he only wanted to know the way to Denver
I met a devil but he didn't want my soul
he only wanted to borrow my bike awhile
I met a vampire but he didn't want my blood he only wanted 2 nickles for a dime
I keep meeting all the right people- at all the wrong times.
-Shel S

11: The baby bat screamed out in fright
"turn on the dark, I'm afraid of the light."
-Shel S                                   
12: Spiderlings hatch from eggs.
Each one has eight tiny legs.
A spider has more eyes than you.
Most have eight, and you have two.
A spider has two body parts.
Across its web it quickly darts.
From a spider's spinnerets
Sticky spider silk jets.
Spiders feel the frantic tugs,
Of their favorite food; it's bugs
13: Spirits of the dead (edgar allen poe)      
*try a book of his for more dark poetry*
Thy soul shall find itself alone
'Mid dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone;
Not one, of all the crowd, to pry
Into thine hour of secrecy.

Be silent in that solitude,
Which is not loneliness- for then
The spirits of the dead, who stood
In life before thee, are again
In death around thee, and their will
Shall overshadow thee; be still.
14: The rose tree (w.B. Yeats)
'O Words are lightly spoken,'
Said Pearse to Connolly,
'Maybe a breath of politic words
Has withered our Rose Tree;
Or maybe but a wind that blows
Across the bitter sea.'

"It needs to be but watered,'
James Connolly replied,
"To make the green come out again
And spread on every side,
And shake the blossom from the bud
To be the garden's pride.'

"But where can we draw water,'
Said Pearse to Connolly,
"When all the wells are parched away?
O plain as plain can be
There's nothing but our own red blood
Can make a right Rose Tree.'
15: Death, thou art but another birth,
freeing the spirit from
the clogs of the earth.
16: The reaper and the flowers Henry W Longfellow
(1st 2 verses)

There is a Reaper whose name is Death,
And, with his sickle keen,
He reaps the bearded grain at a breath,
And the flowers that grow between.

"Shall I have nought that is fair?" saith he;
"Have nought but the bearded grain?
Though the breath of these flowers is sweet to me,
I will give them all back again.''                                                 

Please scan these books before buying them for your children. while many are pretty and funny some may not suit your child. take into consideration their age and understanding of reality along with their personal maturity. Many Of these are for children with healthy sense of humor and intellignece.

The Spider & the Fly: DiTerlizzi Illustates a marvoluous book to the famous victorian poem.
The Nightmare Before christmas: Tim Burton. the hardback book is very pretty and good for younger children who can't watch the video.
The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy : and Other Stories: Tim Burton
Cautionary Tales for Children: Edward Gorey, Hilaire Belloc
Emily: The Strange (Emily the Strange): Cosmic Debris. there is a whole series of these
The Z Was Zapped: Chris Van Allsburg. Learn the ABC's as each letter meets an unfortunate accident.
Eeyore's Gloomy Little Instruction Book: Joan Powers
Madame M Presents: Eerie Little Bedtime Stories: by Christy A. Moeller-Masel For children these stories are funny with good morals.
Struwwelpeter: Fearful Stories & Vile Pictures to Instruct Good Little Folks: Heinrich Hoffmann: for children based on the original victorian classic with a good discusion about the victorian era and meaning of the book.
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Lemony Snicket. I havnt seen the movie but the books are good
The spiderwick chronicals: Holly black (ill. by DiTerlizzi) 
The Wolves in the Walls: Neil Gaiman, Based on a nightmare his daughter had this book teaches children to stand up to their fears. (also see the authors other books "the day I swapped my dad for 2 goldfish" and more)
The Charles Addams Mother Goose: Charles Addams
Princess Smartypants: and Prince Cinders: 2 books by Babette Cole
Boris and Bella: Carolyn Crimi, Gris Grimly (Illustrator)
Cinderella Skeleton: Robert D. San Souci: great  artwork, in this twisted tale cinderella skeleton has to hang up spiderwebs and streak the windows.
- Some other great ideas is to put a twist to the common overly cheesy fairy tails. Try instead finding books of faerie tales from other cultures, these usually feature many more real world lessons with good morals all wrapped up with world culture and historic lesson. Irish faerie tales feature good and bad faeries, good and bad people, and lots of celtic traditons. African faerie tales often feature shape shifting or talking animals, and asian ones often feature spirituality, respect of elders, and the environment.
Also try doing a bit of searching for the OLDER, original version of many common faerie tales you've grown up hearing. Find the version of little red ridding hood where the hunter cuts the wolf open to pull red out of his stomach, or the version of Cinderella where the step mother cuts off the toes of her daughters feet so they will fit in cinderellas glass slipper when the prince is searching for her.

Tips For Kids Room
Some fun decorating tips you and any child would enjoy
-Paint a mural. these are beautiful ways to decorate.
-Have stamping fun. Beautiful victorian and halloween stamps are easy to find at stamp/craft stores. larger sizes are the best. use them for boarders of scenes. You can even buy paint markers to color them in.
-Windchimes are beautiful additions to a room and children and infants love to here them ring. (it always quieted my child when I rang it for him)
-Add valances. These are pretty and can be any style without the hanging lenth of curtains that can entangle a child or, at least, get pulled off the window by an adventurous toddler.
- lamps can be bought in any style theme and spruce up the room and you can always alter the lampshade. Hanging a light black fabric over the shade will keep it dim so as not to over stimulate young infants.
- add some dolls, bears, or other toys to a high up shelf for decoration.
- have pictures around the room of you and the rest of the family including the little one. Kids loving seeing themselves and pictures of them with their parents, try black and white photos for a vintage look or a mural for a more artsy look.
- Paint the ceiling black and stick glow in the dark stars up in the shape of real constellations. (you can find star maps online)
- when child proofing the house, if you use doornob covers paint them black with permanant paint and when they are partly dry but not fully (just tacky feeling) roll them in glitter. Let them dry then take them outside and spray them with a clear coat (available at craftstore)
- paint some images on the walls or cealings with glow in the dark house paint. It is clear in the day and at night glows so they can see little faces, hearts, stars and more.
- Make your own nursury door tags. These are buyable blank at craft stores or get a small, rectangle piece of wood (no thicker then 1" with approx L 5" x W 2.5") paint it with any images/colors you like, staring with a solid background color, add a saying like "little vamps room" or  make it double sided to say like "prince is sleeping/prince is awake" drill 2 holes, one in each top corner (left and right) and with a thick ribbon string the holes and tie it around on each end. (you can even sew the ribbon to itself at each hole) and hang it on the nursery door knob.
- For older kids adding canopys above the bed are elegant, or try bead Curtains in doorways. (I say older kids as toddlers and young kids tend to jump and pull on things and they may not stay up to long)
- try sewing some simple trim around lamp shade bottoms and tops. thread beads on the trim also if you wish.


An it harm none, do what ye will.